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I lost my MacBook some time ago alongside my iphone, in that process all my crypto wallet accounts, about 4 of them, I had difficulties logging in and I consulted lots of agencies to assist but all to no avail, until I came across Santoshi Hacker and within a twinkle of an eye it was all done. Also
I have been practicing cyber security for over 1 year though.. and with my knowledge, I felt it was practically impossible to recover some vital login details for crypto wallets, because of the process of generating them. It really amazed me when wizard web recovery did it, now I really understand what it means by "do not underestimate technology". I guess we learn everyday. I really wish I can be a team member of Santoshi Hacker, because their recovery processes for cyber security details are top notch.. Do reach out to them if you need successful recovery well done.Website (
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