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If there is a glow, an ember, just one tiny light inside your spirit, then I will find it and bring it to the surface with my photography.  I've been told so many times by so many people that my photography has a gifted soul.  It's been hard for me to receive those comments graciously because I had not learned to completely grasp it's full depth, it's wholeness.  Mostly because I was personally always trying to downplay my talents in so many ways.

Well, there is a new me emerging.  A more confident, relatable, and more internally honest person.  Over the past months, I've been working on discovering "me" and what "me" means to me.  I haven't updated images or posted much of my recent works because I was struggling with life's balancing act of love, work, play, and peace, rejection, acceptance, and most importantly, seeing, believing, and enjoying "my truth".  I'm beginning to see it now and I'm going to live it.

The image with this post speaks volumes about my thoughts above.  I've added several more to my gallery, so when you get a moment, check out the Fashion and Catalog section to see the "light" and the "possibility" that is emitted through my work.  I'm very proud of them all and I have SO MUCH more to share!

Thank you to all who have been sending me referrals in spite of my trying to move into my shell.  It's appreciated more than I can say.  And for those of you who have always believed in me and loved my work enough to allow me to see into your souls through my lens, I will "heart" you forever.  Whether you realize it or not, you've allowed me to come into a part of your world that's usually kept for only those closest to you.

Expect to see more great things from TAMMY MCGARITY PHOTOGRAPHY in the coming days, weeks, and months!  I'm gearing up to shine shine shine!  LOL!!!  I absolutely LOVE being in front of and behind the camera and I'm super ready to fully experience all that it has to offer.  Are YOU ready?  LOL..I am!!

As always, I'm inspired by the Girl in the Glass.  Myself.

For Bookings:  

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Twitter:  @Tammyvon

Instagram:  @TammyMcGarity


~Tammy (McGarity) von Nordheim~



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An Evening Rose Sky... https://www.tammymcgarityphotography.com/blog/2012/10/an-evening-rose-sky Shooting professional model Rosie Falconi always ends in lots of laughter.  We have the best time and we work in sync so easily.  Rosie is a natural artist in so many ways.  She paints murals as well as pet portraits.  Peak at her amazing skills here http://www.falconidesigns.com and here http://whimsicalwascals.com!

This tall beautiful Peruvian young lady has a heart of gold and does not hesitate to help someone or ANY animal (literally) in need.  She is passionate about animals, art, and her career of modeling.

During our shoot, we were able to catch some images just as the sun was going down and this was the result.  I love shooting in natural light and have discovered that I can create some amazing images with my beloved camera.

If you look around, you might see Rosie in print for a High Rise in Midtown, Lowes Home Improvement, Suntrust Bank, or Captain D's Seafood and a couple of Resort and Hotel Ads too!  These are only a few of her most recent bookings.  She's all over the place and once you see her smile, you won't forget it.

Rosie and I have been friends for almost 10 years now and immediately clicked once we discovered that we were both in the same business of modeling.  Now that I'm a photographer as well, we are able to co-mingle our love of modeling on a new level.  I'm so excited to see my friend grow in doing what she loves and I'm happy to be a part of feeding that dream.


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Happy. Hope. Hilarious. https://www.tammymcgarityphotography.com/blog/2012/10/happy-hope-hilarious At the first CLICK, I knew this would be an amazing photo shoot.  My three young subjects were naturals and took direction with ease.  This photography session was only for their personal family use and none of them are in the "Industry" meaning modeling, acting, etc.  However, I found myself creating scenarios in which I could get them work modeling or acting.  They have the LOOK.  They have the PERSONALITY.  And being only 10, 11, and 13, they have a whole life ahead of them to perfect the craft.  These Sisters were not only gracious, polite, and excited to shoot, but they were charming, fun, and full of life!  I know why.  A lot of it comes from the love within their family, the respect for themselves and each other, and their Montessori school background.  It brought me so much joy and inspiration to take their photos.  Imagine and Inspire....Thank you for taking a moment to spend on my site.  Come back often and share with friends.

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Family is Everything. https://www.tammymcgarityphotography.com/blog/2012/10/family-is-everything A Father provides, strength, love, guidance, and support to the family.  Children look up to their Fathers for Life Lessons.  I enjoyed photographing this family for many reasons.  The top being the mutual respect that was shown between the three of them.  It was clear that there was a strong bond and element of love shared in "their" space.  The college student admitted to me that although he thoroughly enjoyed being away at college, he still "missed those guys".  In that moment, it was confirmed that I was capturing some very special moments between a Father and his Sons.  Dad is the Managing Director of JareMarc Advisors a Financial Planning Company http://www.facebook.com/pages/JareMarc-Advisors/452800564752597?fref=ts and while the oldest son is away in his second year of college studying Integrative Physiology and Neurobiological Sciences, the youngest of the family is fast becoming a great track star and having educational discussions on things like, if you combine lemons, salt and ice, it will create frost bite.  Hmmm, I'd say that these two kids have a very promising life ahead of them that will surely keep this Dad a proud man.  Thanks for taking a moment to allow me to share this handsome family with you.  Please share and come back to visit more of my work!

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Like Mother Like Daughter https://www.tammymcgarityphotography.com/blog/2012/5/like-mother-like-daughter  

There comes a time when you meet a person and you immediately feel that connection.  It was like that when I met both Debbie and her mother Mercedes.  They both carry themselves with grace, love, and a calmness that makes you WANT to be in their space.  The relationship between the two of them was both affectionate and mutually respectful.  Not only could you feel the caring between the Mother and Daughter duo, but you could also feel the unmistakeable spiritual threads that flowed between the two on one accord.  The beauty of these ladies go beyond their sweet smiles.  They are full of fun and laughter as well as testimonies that will hold you captive for days.

Photographing these regal women was an honor and I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience.  One more thing...these two are great examples of aging gracefully!

Debbie is a Board Certified Executive Life Coach and CEO of Harobed, INC where they are Building Leaders from the Inside Out.  (704)547-7357

Peace and Blessings...Tammy McGarity Photography




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We are LIVE!!!! https://www.tammymcgarityphotography.com/blog/2012/5/we-are-live

Finally, Tammy McGarity Photography has created a home where images blossom like flowers, people come to life, and creativity floats on the wings of the Butterfly!  My friends, you've waited patiently and now I can share with you more of the images that you have only had a chance to glimpse!  

Tammy McGarity is an Atlanta Model, Actress, Host, Speaker, Voice Over Talent, and Photographer!  Who best to allow into your personal space to capture what you know is inside and bring it out to share with your agents, clients, and family? 

Let's take a moment for me to just get a tiny bit personal with you.  I'm a Mother and Wife who's family has devoted endless time and energy to allow me the freedom to pursue my passion of creating a career in the "industry" that is not always consistent nor forgiving.  I'm SO thankful for them!  However, I've had my share of struggles, rejection, and stress in pushing my way forward to stand tall next to everyone in this business and demand that I be seen and heard.  What has been 99% consistent, has been my photography!  YES!  My natural ability to see people and subjects in a way that emphasizes their best angles and features, peels back the layers to reveal their vulnerability, and makes them feel comfortable in front of the lens has not gone unnoticed.  Your comments and encouragement both publicly and privately have moved me to feel the overflow of love in my heart.  I'm honored to have had the opportunity to photograph each of you and will be honored to no end to photograph those of you that are waiting to get on my calendar.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your referrals and your continued business that says you love what I do!  It says so much to know that I've gained respect and admiration amongst my fellow photographers who've so graciously accepted me as one of them even though I've most likely been a model in front of their lens on more than one occasion.  I'm passionate about my photography and will continue to study, research, and attend workshops to stay abreast of the latest techniques and equipment.  You will never have to worry that Tammy McGarity is not on top of her game.  2012 is going to be a GREAT year!


Peace and Blessings...

Tammy (McGarity) von Nordheim

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